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Version: 2.0

Fetch a label



This endpoint is meant to be used for retrieving the label for a given delivery. Labels can be customized by the sender based on technical and operational requirements.


Query Parameters

    access_token stringrequired

    API Token

    id stringrequired

    Id of the delivery a label will be generated for

    format string

    Possible values: [pdf, zpl]

    Default value: pdf

    The returned label format:

    • ZPL: returns a label optimized for 10.3cm x 15cm default@203dpi.
    • PDF: returns an A6 (10.5 x 14.8 cm) sized label.
    dpmm number

    Possible values: [6, 8, 12, 24]

    Default value: 8

    Sets ZPL label resolution:

    • 6 dpmm - 152 dpi
    • 8 dpmm - 203 dpi
    • 12 dpmm - 300 dpi
    • 24 dpmm - 600 dpi



  • string binary

    Returns the label as PDF