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Version: 2.0


As part of our premium features for Enterprise accounts we have the possibility to enable webhooks on demand.


Currently we have released v1 that contains the following events:

  • injected - notification as soon as is scanned in our sorting hubs
  • sorted - notification as soon as is scanned to allocate into the vehicle
  • delivered - confirmation the parcel was placed to the customer's location
  • failed - notification as soon as the driver notifies any incident
  • cancelled - notification as soon as operationally this order has been discarded for delivery


Example of a payload that will be sent via HTTP POST

"sender_external_id": "111test",
"public_link": "",
"timestamp": "2022-02-19T13:33:07.554Z",
"event": "sorted"


Currently we are allowing 3 different options:

  1. Static key on URL
  2. HTTP Basic Auth
  3. HTTP Bearer Auth
  4. None


We will just need from you the URL and the Authentication Option of your choice.